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Joint Commission International
Allow us to facilitate your social and emotional needs and evaluate your progress.

Those hospitalized within a short or long period of time due to some illnesses are administered by our psychiatric nurses. We place our focus on interacting with our patients to supervise their mental and emotional condition, facilitate their medication schedules, and evaluate their progress. We believe that through social interaction and traditional therapies, we are able to facilitate them for a quick recovery.

Nurse is checking her patientOur psychiatric nurses are experienced and qualified to:

  • Assess physical & mental health
  • Improve patients’ coping abilities
  • Administer prescribed medications
  • Observe and report behavioral changes
  • Administer and monitor treatment procedure
  • Control the patients’ drug and medication intake
  • Works with patients’ families to help them deal with their mental illness
  • Develop care plans for patients, helping them be as independent as possible
  • Record all care information concisely, accurately and completely, in a timely manner
  • And more.

Let us provide attention to your overall health. Set an appointment with us today so you can start availing health services from our Psychiatric Nurses.

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